Advantages of Bamboo
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    The anti-corrosion performance of bamboo-based fiber composites was tested. The grade of anti-corrosion was grade I, reaching the level of strong anti-corrosion. The resistance to termite reached ant-borer level.
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    Mildew Resistance

    The anti-mildew properties of bamboo-based fiber composites were tested. After 4 weeks of fungal infection, no mycelium was found on the surface of the specimens, the infected area was less than 1/4, and the internal color was normal.
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    High Strength

    The static bending strength is over 140 Mpa, while the traditional deep carbonization outdoor restructured bamboo flooring is generally about 60 Mpa, and the static bending strength is less than half of the outdoor bamboo of Gangguo bamboo.
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    According to the national standard method (GB/T30364-2013), the 28-hour cycle detection of water absorption thickness expansion rate is low, which can realize the control of water absorption expansion rate of target products, so that the worries of warping and cracking of outdoor products can be eliminated.
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